Full Bars Health

What is Full Bars Health (FBH)?

We're an advocacy group for 1-on-1 private relationships between the healer & the healing.

We're comprised of Healers, Advocates, and the Healing (or "HAH" group) for short, as a silly memorable acronym. learn more


What are the Healing?

People who made bad choices (and are suffering consequences), or just hit a bad run-of-luck. We want to bring people back up, not tear everything down. There's a structure in society, and whether you acknowledge it or not, many things you cannot change by brute force, and you'll end up banging your head against the wall trying to change everyone and everything around you.

With advocacy, you can change to become a better person. We will get you back on course and living within the confines of reality. You will be paired up with a healer, in a private 1:1 (one-on-one) relationship with privilege of secrecy & privacy, like a traditional doctor-patient priviledge but we don't like the label "mental patient" or anything traditional, with some kind of stigma from the past.

Every single person has hit bumps in the road, and nobody is perfect. Society is changing, and going digital so rapidly its hard for many humans to cope, or keep up. If you feel lost, you are not alone. Our goal is to rid society of public labels, because we're all human together. It's human nature to want to fit in to a particular tribe, so you can do that elsewhere. Join a social club, society, a sports team, volunteer at a non-profit but we don't separate into tribes, we're all on the same team to lift eachother up, and get "back on your feet" again, so to speak.

Find your place in society, and learn to belong again (with mentorship from a healer).

What are Advocates?

Think of an advocate like a manager, or a sales representative (to use corporate speak) and they are responsible for vetting healers, and for pairing-up the healing with healer(s).

This mediary relationship doesn't allow the healing to pick a specific healer, so if you want that, you'll need to goto a public book signing, or convention and meet them there.

This will remove confirmation biases from people you already know, or admire. For healers, this provides a layer of security as to form an objective professional relationship with the healing.

What is a Healer?

A healer to us; is a good listener, and a really smart person. This is also a person with a public profile and some kind of following. This can be on any social network, or video live streaming platform. If they've "stuck their neck out" on a particular issue, or made themselves "internet famous" by posting videos, we can recognize publicly their meaningful domain experience or presence, awards, competitions, medals, trophies and skills in a specific interest, or topic.

In marketing terms, these are influencers. Don't boil us down to simply an influencer marketing company, that's not how we see ourselves over the long term. We're mental health and wellness educators.

We desire to become the leading provider of mental health and wellness education, eventually to have local "healing schools" (using a hybrid of commercial kitchens, fitness gyms, doctors offices and medical clinics of today for lack of a better established term of reference) down the road. Since the idea of healers is a somewhat novel concept, instead of a "doctor"... we're taking an organic approach to health, rather than the traditional doctor/patient relationship. We call this the "Healers, Advocates, and the Healing" (HAH) model.

Our healers will have the networking ability to work with eachother (using anonymized cases, with no names or personally identifiable information) to help eachother grow and become the best healers in the world.

Traditional definitions (for a relatively new concept)

I'm not saying that nobody has thought of this, or that we're the first mover in the space of "mental health" (with all of the mobile apps for meditation) or the health & fitness ("wellness") market, however tying this together with a new "HAH" business model, instead of a traditional doctor/clinician.

We are more than just meditation, diets or fitness programs. We're mental health and wellness education, with private mentors (healers) to improve the lives of the healing.

This could be similar to how a homeopath (alternative medicine) has been growing in popularity over the last two centuries, or naturopathic doctor (organic treatments) was not recognized as a doctor until perhaps the turn of the century.

  • Healer = Influencer/Coach/Strategy
  • Advocate = Manager/Sales/Agency
  • Healing = Customer/Clientele

Why us?

Our job as an advocacy (and for all future employees of our organization) is to provide resources, knowledge, systems and software to bring together healers and the healing (both of which are not employed by us) so technically we could be called a "healing marketplace" to put a definition on it.

Advocates (employees of "FBH") will serve in many ways as a buffer to resolve disputes between healers and the healing (let's hope not too many, but it may happen) and to co-ordinate non-subjective wellness relationships in various selected (or distinct groups/sections/topics/categories) of healers.


Mental health and wellness will become the most important value for humanity moving forward.


To be the first, leading and primary choice in the mental health and wellness sector.

Our goal is to make you the best possible version of yourself, and to create the best possible human experiences for everyone.


How can we help you?

We provide healing through life advice from many others who've been there.

  • Body Positivity - really skinny (or curvy) people, clean diets, recipes & cooking, basic workouts, yoga poses
  • Ethnic Minority - learn about different languages/cultures, pair up with people different than you to learn new things
  • Fitness - peak fitness and body, advanced workouts, fitness nutrition, fitness coaches, competition poses
  • Money - investments, trading, "noobs" (new to investing) can pair up with a mentor who is financially successful
  • Parenting - parents talking with other parents (not in their immediate friend group) for the honest objective truth
  • Spirituality - astronomy, religion, astrology, numerology, yoga, essential oils, meaning of life/path, "shape of the earth", synchronicity (or other esoteric ideas, special interests but maybe less practical to everyone)
  • Sports - whatever your sport, connect with personal trainers, strength & conditioning coaches (we'll pair you with a particular sport or sports)
  • Veterans - people that served in the military, or fought in wars

Get in touch: fullbarshealth@gmail.com, cheers!

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